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Art of Parties formed in the early 80s, getting their name from Japan's The Art of Parties (from the Tin Drum album). Original members: Pantelis Vassilakis (vocals, guitars - credited as Andy in the Last Time / Central Room single), Dimitris Vassilakis (vocals, bass, keys - credited as James), Thanassis Economou (guitars - credited as Adam), and Kostas Kiriakidis (drums). There are no recordings available with Giorgos Orfanoudakis, the drummer prior to Kostas Kyriakidis. In the mid 80s and after a series of short-term drummers replacing Kostas, Giorgos Katsoufis joined the Art of Parties on synths. Over the years, Dimitris moved to saxes and Pantelis worked on synths, saxes, and sequencing, while several session musicians joined in at various times on strings, horns, guitars, vocals, etc. A band somewhere between new wave and new romantics, the Art of Parties have been described as a great electro pop group from middle 80's.Sometimes it seems better than Brian Ferry's Roxy Music (see ) Review in Greek from [ ] Art of Parties - Central room (1984) Το punk δεν το ζήσαμε στην εποχή του, και τα απόνερα του μας πήραν πολλά χρόνια αργότερα σε γραφικές ως επί το πλείστον υλοποιήσεις, το νέο κύμα όμως και τους νεορομαντικούς τους προλάβαμε για τα καλά! Οι δε A...

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