Art Paul Schlosser

Art Paul Schlosser is a street musician and busker on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. He gained some attention beyond Madison by having some of his songs appear on Dr Demento. He usually performs his own songs on an acoustic guitar and kazoo. He also sometimes plays electronic keyboard or ukelele. He sings mostly humorous songs, but has also written on the topics of politics and religion. His music has been played on oddball radio programs, including Greasy Kid Stuff, Nerd Rock, and the Dr. Demento Show. Dr Demento has desribed Art Paul's songs as outsider music and has featured various Art Paul songs on his show often in the past. Recently CD Baby made deals with various download stores like Apple iTunes, exposing Art Paul's music to audiences outside of Madison. Some people have doubted the musical merit of Schlosser's songs and he has written some lyrics defending those songs: Maybe you think I'm Weird, but you haven't seen yourself in the mirror. One of his rap numbers has lyrics that read My name is Art' and I'm not you' and I don't always do the things you want me to. When Art Paul plays one of his rap numbers like My Name Is Art or Pink Pants (which recently has been charting in the Folk Pop charts and landed 15 during Dec 2005) he pounds on his guitar and raps the lyrics. Schlosser has also made a few appearances on local television shows in Madison which were later put on the internet. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Co...

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