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Fans of the mighty Platipus Records will be only too aware of the extensive musical output of top act Art Of Trance (AOT). Since 1993, they’ve been unearthing gems of unparalleled purity. However, delve a little deeper and be astonished and amazed by just how linked to the label the act really is. For the AOT is none other than Platipus owner and Tai Pan – Simon Berry From humble beginnings in the English countryside, Simon’s attention was turned from agriculture and rolling around in haystacks by the progressive sounds coming from Detroit in the late 80s. His peers’ love of Rock and Indie meant the countryside could offer little in the way of musical stimulation so it was logical for him to get the next tractor out of town. He was London bound… At the age of 19, Simon hit the big smoke with the sole intention of listening to 24 hour pirate radio stations like Energy & Friends FM. Blagging himself into a job selling advertising space for “Rave” Magazine, Simon discovered that the nine to five lifestyle was not really conducive to clubbing and music making, so he quit…. after 2 days!
At night, he discovered the legendary clubs, “Troll” and “Chemistry” where he heard music that ignited his soul. Hardfloor’s seminal classic “Acperience” blew this country boy’s mind and gave rise to Simon’s first and foremost recording project. The “Deeper Than Deep EP” was the first record by Art of Trance and was released on the newly assembled Platipus R...

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