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Jordan Barger is Arte Povera. Jordan is from Roanoke, VA and is a self taught guitarist, composer, and noisenik. He grew up listening to artists such as The Microphones, Six Organs Of Admittance, Flying Saucer Attack and Thuja (which is apparent in Arte Povera). Arte Povera has been an existing project since November of 2008, starting out as a collaboration of Arte Povera and ages (another fine musician) that went under the title We Were Animals. Arte Povera now lives in the mountains of North Carolina, which is befitting as to the naturalistic tendencies of the project. Arte Povera is a minimalist project that is most aptly titled Noise-Folk, combining the general comfort of Folk with the experimentality of Noise. The general sonic structure of Arte Povera is acoustic guitar, drone, sampling, and other random surprises. Arte Povera has had moderate success with those outside of what one would consider its target market, with such comments as, Hey dude, that was just like the first time I (overdosed) right after (Vietnam). It is these people that Arte Povera is for, just as much as those who love noise and experimental music. The intentions with the project are to share with the world, which means to play as much as listen with others, and to make Noise more commonly accepted ideas. The dream of Arte Povera is to play for lots of people who don't know Noise, to hear and help support all the other musicians who are doing their own thing. Read more on User-contribu...

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