Artec comprises two band members; Stuart Nisbet, an accomplished DJ and producer who has been standing on the fraternities of the London 'scene' for a decade or so, and Bruce Bickerton (alucidnation/Big Chill) who's achieved critical acclaim for both his own music and as a compiler / resident for The Big Chill. Stuart and Bruce have been writing music together since the early nineties, initially using basic MIDI equipment to conjure up long, hypnotic house-based workouts. There was some label interest in 2002 from Plastic City, the quality house imprint out of West Germany, but in true Artec style, this shot at superstardom was frittered away like a piece of bog paper blowing on the breeze... suffice to say they lunched out, somewhat spectacularly. The empahsis on deep house has shifted somewhat since the duo took a break from writing with Stuart tending to concentrate on his own productions, and Bruce focusing on his more ambient alucidnation career. However, the pair have recently written a new piece, called 'Neudy' which is premiered here. A more reflective and pastoral direction, maybe? We shall see what we shall see, as Sir Oglivy Wangsbuttock once said. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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