There are at least six artists known as Artefact. 1) Artefact (Belarus) indie rock band, Beatles music cover band 2) Artefact (1979-1980) French band formed by Maurice G. Dantec with Éric Vennettilli (Riton V), Marc L'Azou and Jean-Paul Ruard. They record in late 70's some cyber-punk songs growing to a more experimental music close from the Pop Group, mixing funk, pop, punk and new wave, with creative electronic sounds and subversive french lyrics. The debut and unique album is released in 1980 Agit' Pop, just after a maxi EP M.A.E. in 1979. 3) Artefact (France) Genesis Of Artefact : Artefact came into the minds of Julien (vocals), Alucard (Guitars) and Aldébaran (Guitars) in anno 2000. Together, they began to create and record their first eponym demo, but they also have difficulties to find other musicians to complete the band. However, it's during this period that the musical orientation of ARTEFACT started really. The goal of their music was to inspire dream and to bring the listener in another world. In this way, they create an original music which sounds like anyone else. But to describe briefly their music it could be a combination of Black-Metal (EMPEROR, ARCTURUS, BURZUM, ENSLAVED, OPETH, BATHORY, early IN FLAMES, DISSECTION, BAL SAGOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, early ULVER and more...) with varied and vast elements like Heavy-Metal (METALLICA, Y.J.MALMSTEEN, IRON MAIDEN), Death-Metal (DEATH), Doom-Metal (early AMORPHIS, PARADISE LOST etc...), also many Classical ref...

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