More than one Artist with this name. 1) San Francisco based downtempo / trip-hop artist and vocalist. 2) one of the alter-ego of UK based drum n' bass producer Oliver Lomax. 3) Etherial darkwave outfit from Australia comprising Saaroth and Louisa John-Krol. 4) A New York based solo-band who draws inspiration from the Japanese musical movement, Visual Kei. Artemis is also known as Artemis Cephei 5) Former swiss Hardtrance project. 6)A Post Rock/Hardcore band from Birmingham, UK. 7) A Thrash metal band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. 8) Czech pub-rock revival band 9) French post-rock/sludge/post-hardcore from Toulous : 1) Artemis is a San Francisco based downtempo / trip-hop artist and vocalist. She began her musical career on guitar, writing a 5 song EP titled 'Treasure', the title song which reached the top 10 on and had nearly 200,000 plays. After meeting David Earl and Keith Crusher in 2000, the trio moved toward a more electronic sound, coming out with 'Undone' in 2001, which received wide acclaim from various media, including Keyboard Magazine and The next release, 'Gravity', in 2005 developed their sound further, resulting in a full page review in Electronic Musician and an article in Remix magazine on the bands innovative tour rig. 2007 saw the release of a remix CD, 'Orbits', a compilation of remixes from both 'Undone' and 'Grav...

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