Artemis Cephei

Artemis Cephei is a musician and songwriter from New York City. Also known simply as Artemis. In the early 2000's Artemis started his music career, playing guitar,bass, and drums - as well as writing music in several bands. The most notable bands and musical projects formed by Artemis include, Michi no Roku, Cocoajin S.burst project and 12 Autumn. In June 2009 Artemis produced his first EP entitled: ATRIUM While the main focus is guitar driven rock “Atrium”, incorporates hip hop, techno and R&B elements in it's compositions. The album features tracks with vocals, as well as “instrumental only” versions of the songs. He began playing music in elementary school, like most with piano. Not long afterward, he switched to bass. Artemis joined his school band, and orchestra, as bassist and performed enthusiastically with them at many events. He enjoyed bass through junior high school as well. When time for high school came around, Artemis auditioned for the performing arts school. He was accepted, not for music but for illustration. This led to a shift of attention away from music. It wasn't until the end of his sophomore year that music hit him again. A friend had introduced him to rock music. Though initially turned off, Artemis began to take a liking to the energy and performance of rock. After being taken to his first show, it had settled within him that he wanted to play rock music.

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