Artfull Dodgers

From the depths of the underground Hip-Hop scene in Michigan comes the Artfull Dodgers. Consisting of two veteran MCs and a DJ, the Dodgers have been gaining recognition throughout the Midwest for years. By incorporating several different genres of music into their production, and mixing complex lyrics with innovative deliveries, they have created their own unique style of Hip-Hop. The founding members Brady B.Gozza Gasser and Rex Jackpot Demski began recording and performing in the early nineties. In 1994 they collaborated with other local rappers and producer Phizyx to release a successful single under the collective name The Juggernaut. Enjoying success at retail and receiving critical acclaim, the group toured the Midwest until disbanding in 1996. Shortly after, B.Gozza and Jackpot began working again as the Artfull Dodgers. In 1997 they released the EP entitled Dusted World, with Phizyx returning on the production. The Dodgers wasted no time and started performing again throughout Michigan. From 1998-1999 the Dodgers completed their first full-length album, Lazy Eyes. Collaborating with well-established producer Pharlon Bangtown Randle, the 12 song LP was a creative masterpiece that spoke out to the global Hip-Hop scene. The album received critical acclaim and opened many doors for the Dodgers. The single One Mic Then Pass, quickly became an underground classic throughout the Midwest. The song also became the Dodgers' first music video, and received steady rotation on m...

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