In 1998 Ali Azhari left his own town Mashhad to study at tehran film school and find metal head friends to start a band with them.he was born in a religious city of iran and started playing guitar at the age of 15 under supervision of Mansour music sheets and no guitar methods where available at that was a few years after war between IRAN and IRAQ and talkin' about music seemed so funny at the time.Ali started playin' covers from pantera,metallica,annihilator,slayer and other thrash metal bands with some of his highschool friends untill it was time for him to left mashad for capital city of iranTehran. In 1998 he joined a band called scourge with Alireza Saidian on guitar,Soroush Khalili on bass and Sina Jazayeri on drums and they started covering bands like death,unleashed,cannibal corpse and morbid angel.within two years Sina replaced by Aidin Radkia and Soroush replaced by Anthony Artounian.since 2003 they played more than 40 covers and 6 original songs and little practice room became thair concert hall for fans and friends to come and see them 2003 members of scourge started nagin' on each other and complexes between band members lead to disbanding of Scourge but before they leave the band Ali asked them to take part in a video for one of his songs called baptizedand ali directed the video himself.Ali just wanted to create his own material and he found a new name for his band Arthimoth.he also played with other bands like kahtmayan,sefir e arsh an...

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