Multiple artists are known as Arthur. 1. Arthur was also used as a side project of MxPx featuring all three members of MxPx and their tech assistant. They released an EP called Loneliness Is Bliss. The band members went by their middle names: Arthur (where the band name came from), Edmund, Zane, and Alexander (Mike Herrera, Tom Wisniewski, Yuri Ruley, and Neil Hundt, respectively). Over 10 years after the creation of the band and the release of Loneliness is Bliss, the band released a full length album called Watch the Years Crawl By which was released on December 7th 2010. 2. Arthur are a DIY indie/punk band from Greenville, SC. Influenced by 90's emo and a DIY ethic, Arthur's sound is comprised of melodic guitar parts and heartfelt lyrics sung passionately. Buy their cassette from Get Better! Records or download at 3. Arthur were an unsigned British indie band from Fleet in Hampshire, U.K. Formed in 2005 by 5 friends from school, the band recorded their debut 4-track demo, The Blue EP and began playing local gigs. Whilst completing their A-levels, the band recorded their second demo, Floating On Clouds EP and began playing larger venues. In 2007, the band recorded 2 singles themselves, Complications and Last Night Honey. They toured the UK in support of their Cinderella Story EP. Arthur also recorded tracks (produced by Adam Crisp of Elle Milano fame). New songs: Serial Killer Sunday, Come To Church With Me, and Shakespeare ...

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