Arthur Adam

Arthur Adam (Netherlands, born 1980) makes music out of deep personal need/urge. He whispers, hums, shouts, amazes. Has his own musical universe. Roughly between Radiohead and Jeff Buckley, between Satie and Coltrane, between Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco and Joni Mitchell. Makes occasional pop songs, sometimes an a cappella jazz piece, then a mini rock opera, but mostly just intriguing melancholic music to take a good listen to. Songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, everywhere. When he performs Arthur aims for the being-in-the-moment, recreating the song on the spot. Therefore he often plays with eyes closed, in order to dissolve in/into the song. Arthur has a beautiful voice with a range of three and a half octaves and is not afraid to use it. He accompanies himself on guitar or bass guitar, or keys, but mostly on his Excalibur: a 1963 Gibson ES120T. As a true multi-instrumentalist, on his own album he usually plays all instruments himself. Albums -the experimental album In a Cabin With (In a Cabin with, 2007) was recorded in a wooden house in Sweden. It became album of the week at Holland's leading indie website VPRO3voor12 and at MySpace Benelux. -the pop/rock album Awake (Jammm records, 2010) brought him a gig on Holland's top tv show DWDD and lots of airplay. At that time Arthur shared his management and record company with Anneke van Giersbergen/Agua d’Annique. -Pulse (The Music Whisperer, 2012), recorded in his miniature home studio in Glanerbrug, ...

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