Arthur Brown

With his theatrical performances, which saw him wearing helmets of fire and outlandish costumes, Arthur Brown (born Jun 24, 1944 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England) became one of the most electrifying one-shot artists of the 60's. In addition to topping the British charts (and reaching number two in the U.S.) with his brilliantly demonic single Fire, Arthur Brown actually scored a Top Ten LP with his 1968 debut, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Crazy World of Arthur Brown (band) The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is a psychedelic rock band of Arthur Brown. The song Fire (released as a single and in the 1968 album) was one of the one-hit wonders in the UK of 1960s. Crane and Palmer went on to form Atomic Rooster, Nicholas went on to Khan (as Nicholas Greenwood), Theaker to Love and then Rustic Hinge, and Brown to Kingdom Come. Personnel * Arthur Brown – vocals * Vincent Crane – organ, organ bass pedals * Sean Nicholas – bass guitar (1968) * Drachen Theaker – drums (album) * Carl Palmer – drums (US tour) * Jeff Cutler - drums (second US tour only) Discography * 1967: Devil's Grip / Give Him a Flower * 1968: Fire / Rest Cure * 1968: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown * 1968: Nightmare / Music Man / What's Happening * 1988: Strangelands (recorded 1969) * 2002: Tantric Lover (CD, UK, Voiceprint Records), original year: 2000 * 2003: Vampire Suite (CD, USA, Track Records) * 2007: Voice Of Love (CD, Zoho Music) The Crazy World...

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