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Arthur Delaney ‘Darling / Dance of Fools’ Released on Young & Lost Club Records on 6th April 2009 “I’ve walked for many years along this path to lead me here” belts Arthur Delaney in the opening bars of his debut single ‘Darling’. Recollecting the long road he has travelled, on an epic Homer-esque odyssey of spiritual enlightenment and discovery. A journey that has left him not only a very talented songwriter but also an accomplished guitar player. There’s only one problem: he’s just 19 years old. The multi-faceted, young singer was born a long way from where he is supposed to be but he’s heading towards that place now… Growing up, Delaney always felt a little uncomfortable in his own skin, a constant itch he could not put his finger on, a thorn in his paw. At an early age, he discovered a reliable form of catharsis. Relief came in the form of making music. Delaney’s song writing is born out of necessity and is undoubtedly a way to keep his personal demons at bay. His inner turmoil may be considered either friend or foe but it evidently provides more than just a little creative ability. Citing his inspiration as bands such as The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac (circa 75) and artists such as Jimi Hendrix, it’s no wonder he doesn’t come across as just another acoustic singer songwriter. Led away from electric guitars by an encounter with a Neil Young record, Delaney looks 100% the 70s rock n roll star paradigm but sounds more like the missi...

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