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Arthur Entertainment is the project of an anonymous Belgian musician. His music could be described as a mix of retro-futuristic electro, blipblop and italo-disco. Creating nice mixes of tracks as well as producing his own original music (sometimes rather fluffy, sometimes slightly obscure), Arthur Entertainment has something for every real electro* lover. * A little word about real electro is in the next quote by Dickie Smabers & his Moerwijk crew: It has come to our attention that some losers that produce handbag apres-ski (spring break) farmerboy trance/clubpop of the most horrible kind dare to call that crap ELECTRO nowadays. It has nothing to do with ELECTRO and its a straight up wrong use of the term...a falsification of history and disrespect to many. Those idiots don't understand the jams from the Naayifsh Planet Rock Lover angle , they don't know what a TR808 is and probably never seen a SL1200. This amsterdam fake electro is made by talentless & fantasyless pretentious cokeheaded pricks that don't give a fuck about music--- but only how their hair looks (als je haar maar goed zit jaja) and how they can score enough poppers to put in their flobby asses so they can shit all over huppelkut ableton ipod mp3 players well fuck you all you know who you are we are going to DISSSSS your ass of with our TR808s, BMWs and the knowledge of TRUE ELECTRO!!!!!! - Dickie Smabers & his Moerwijk crew

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