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About Arthur Explicit Since 1981 Arthur explicit has been consumed by music. Beginning early on with musical training at the tender age of 9 years old, Arthur has evolved into a cutting edge DJ and record producer. In 1989 he has his first taste of a real studio, where drum machines and sequencers become his best friends, his electronic journey begins. By 1991 his first electronic productions are being played by radio stations and featured in commercials. In 1993 Arthur releases his first solo album, Arthur Night Music, a mix of progressive ambient sounds. In 2002 Arthur received his first screen credit for music he produced for the movie Holy Land. By 2003 Arthur stepped up is productions by moving into a faster and more intense style of music. That year he released his second album titled Sound Of Universe, consisting of psychedelic trance. As the times change and we progress, so do musical styles, in 2004 Arthur released his third album, Extra, which is a mix of progressive tribal house music. In 2005 Arthur has found even newer never before heard ways to reinvent himself, producing an album of tech house titled Only A Dream. Now Arthur has teamed up with DJ producer Lee Kalt. The two are now working together on both single dance records, remixes and a upcoming album, that will be released in late 2006. In the future Arthur sees himself taking some time for worldwide travel where he can bring his sound to new places where it has not been heard Read more on L...

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