Arthur Walker

Formed in 2006 in Plymouth, Devon, Arthur Walker create epic, punchy, glass-infused songs to capture imaginations and rupture dreams. A piece of each band member is actually encapsulated in every song. Don't ask them how. Such is the passion, honesty and sheer vitality of their music that the band quickly attracted local label interest. Arthur Walker signed to dBs Music in Autumn 2008 and immediately started work on their debut album. Their love of catchy melodies, tightly-wound rhythms and off-kilt structures appears to rub off on those who watch and listen, resulting in high praise reviews and committed followers: The winners of this month’s Best Newcomers Award are ARTHUR WALKER whose disjointed new-wavery stuffed with lofty warm melodies made for the kind of band that everyone couldn’t help but admire, and the kind of band that music mags pour over in their ‘Ones To Watch’ sections. Backbone, 24-7 Magazine Their debut album 'Animal Nights' was released in October 2009, supported with a UK tour. The music is life-affirming and captures the spirit and energy of their individual personalities, and yet it will destroy happy ideals at the same time. The music has already done this to them. The product of almost two years of turbulent and excitable creativity is now here, so make sure you see Arthur Walker play up-close in a small venue. If you leave it too long, you will moan that you couldn't get close enough to the front to see them! Read more on User-...

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