Arthur and Martha

Arthur and Martha is an electronic two piece formed in London, UK in 2004. The original lineup consisted of Adam Cresswell and Alice Hubley. Arthur and Martha follow in the footsteps of the great electronic two pieces of our time; Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Sparks, 2 Unlimited and others. Their live show has been described as Gilbert & George, disguised as The Carpenters, steal the hits of Kraftwerk and bash them out on an old moog in the style of Section 25 Their debut single Autovia was released on Happy Robots Records in April 2008 and their debut album 'Navigation' will be released in June 2009. Adam Cresswell (aka. Arthur) was the founding member of indie-pop darlings Saloon. Before their split in 2003, Saloon recorded two albums (This is) What We Call Progress (2002) and 'If we Meet in The Future (2003). Both released by Track & Field (UK) / Darla (US.) Saloon toured throughout the UK and Europe, recorded 3 sessions for the BBC John Peel show and had 4 records in 'John Peel's Festive 50' including the number 1 in 2002. A posthumous singles compilation 'Lo-Fi Sounds Hi-Fi Heart' is to be released in 2006. The band split due to both personal and musical differences. Adam would now rather converse with a washing machine than with a drummer. Alice Hubley (aka Martha) Before moving to London in 2004 Alice was was a key player in the Leeds music scene. She brought her MS-10 and vocal skills to indie pop band The Seven Inches and the electronic kraut-rockers The Exteriors. Sh...

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