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Arti Tisi (his real name is Arthur Tisi) is a writer, singer and player. He has sung with many rock stars and has been asked to join some major bands. He writes everything from FUNK to Metal, AOR Rock, Jazz and Acoustic music. I know he plays drums, guitar, piano, and bass. I know he has written music for movies and television. I think he lives in New York. And I hear that he also is a computer expert and that he owns a recording studio. I know he was asked to be the singer in the band Foreigner and that he played with those people. He also had something to do with Deep Purple when they were recording Perfect Strangers. I think he quit the music business after his guitar player left to join Alice Cooper. From them on he just wrote for himself and movies. Arthur Tisi (Arti) (that is ME). First of all, has no idea how all these songs were factually butchered or even added. Second, he (does write music but not much these days. He was not asked to be the singer in Foreigner but he did take a few meetings on it. He would never have wanted to replace Lou Gramm who is one of his idols. He has played with a bunch of fantastic musicians but it looks like people who added these songs got titles, and who he played with wrong. Also some of these songs are songs HE LOVES but did not perform. These songs were written and performed by a phenomenal band that was unsigned called DC10. They were breathtaking. So as that goes, again, people, get your act together. He does ...

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