Erik began his adventure into electronic music in the early nineties when he started producing with a program called Fast-tracker, inspired by Ben Liebrand, Joey Beltram and The Prodigy. When house music evolved into a harder house variant in the early to mid-1990s (which is today known as Early Hardcore), Erik bought his first set of turntables and soon he was invited to show his dj skills at several parties in and near Amsterdam. In 1996 Erik won a mix contest on New Dance Radio and frequently performed live in the radio show together with DJ Unity and Dione. After a couple of guest columns in a magazine (Thunder Magazine) and a lot of airplay he was voted best hardcore DJ by DJ Dione, together with DJ Pavo in 1997. In 1997 he met an old school friend on a party in Zaandam. They decided to join forces and started performing together. At the end of 2003 they both decided to follow their own path After a successful performance at one of the first Qlubtempo parties Erik became a well known guest at Hardstyle parties in the Netherlands and in 2008 Showtek contracted Erik to be the first outsider on the famous Dutch Master Works recordlabel. After a break of almost three years Erik sharpened his sound, upgraded his producing skills and started a new project called Artic. He experimented with a harder and rougher sound and found a new home for his musical direction, Deepack's Hardcopy Recordings. Erik is not afraid to cross genres to create his own unique sound for his d...

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