artichoke is best known for 2 concept records about scientists, one for every letter of the alphabet, called 26 scientists, volume one: anning - malthus and 26 scientists, volume two: newton - zeno. the first of those was written about in the new york times science section when it was released in 2005. artichoke is currently looking for a label to release the second one, which is all finished and mighty groovy -- according to the few who have heard it. this year, artichoke is recording a concept record on the theme of honeybees. it will be called simply bees. they are fascinating creatures, whose lives can be easily compared with our own, especially for the purposes of writing pop songs. artichoke is also writing and recording some songs for an album called historic highland park. this will include the rave-up biographical song charles lummis. charles lummis was a prominent writer, founder of the southwest museum, and an advocate of preserving the land and culture of the southwest. the band is very excited to play the song at lummis day on june 1. bandleader timothy sellers is collaborating with some swell musicians to record bees and historic highland park. daniel leyson plays guitar with artichoke and has an excellent band of his own called the eternal triangle. juli crockett and lisa dee from the evangenitals are singing and jangling the tambourines on these records. jpl rocket scientist steve collins plays the theremin. david hurlin is the wild man on drums, and natali...

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