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ARTICLE 19 is an up-and-coming band out of Connecticut that is combined of musicians that are anything but new to the music scene. Each of the members have been active performers with previous and very successful bands, coming together to merge sounds and create a unique blend of pop/rock fused with heavy influences of groove and funk. Brett Wilson, lead singer of ARTICLE 19, is the creation of years of vocal training in addition to even more years of classical and pop piano training. Brett has recently won Best Male Vocalist in the Hartford Advocate's Grand Band Slam 2008! You may have seen him on Season 5 of American Idol where he reached the Top 80 where he beat out the thousands that came out to audition out of Boston, Massachusetts. Doug Parkinson, bassist of ARTICLE 19, not only has skills as a bassist but also provides another songwriting-element to the mix, along with skills in vocals and guitar. With ARTICLE 19 being Doug's 3rd band, he has matured through the years becoming the innovative and creative member to the group that he is today. Jim Townsend, drummer of ARTICLE 19, has been studying, recording and performing throughout CT and NY for years. Jim brought home the title of Best Drummer / Percussionist two years in a row in the 2007 and 2008 Hartford Advocate Grand Band Slam. The Advocate also named the previous band of Rick, Doug, and Jim Best Pop / Rock band for 2 years in a row in 2006 and 2007. With the merge of these 4 diverse musicians, the goals hav...

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