The name Artifact is currently used by a UK bass producer, three bands and one jazz quartet: 1) Ryan Bonfield is a UK bass/house producer based in Bristol. 2) Artifact is a industrial/goth metal band from the city of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, formed in late 2002. After a rough start and a l series of line-up changes, the band settled on their line-up in late 2004 when vocalist Tor Arne Fassotte of Unpure and This Negative Karma joined the band. In addition to Tor Arne, the group consisted of guitarist Bj?rnar Landa (who also plays with well-known Norwegian gothic metal band Sirenia and Deathfare) and guitarist P?l Evensen. The band held their debut concert in the city of Sandnes in May 2005, supporting Trail Of Tears, and released a demo called Abandoned EP in September the same year. Following the release, Artifact had played concerts in several parts of Norway, been aired on national radio on several occasions, played support for Theatre Of Tragedy and been in the global top ten at Broadjam for weeks at the time with the several tracks. With their official debut „The Only Salvation“ on Spiralchords Music in 2008, Artifact offered a multifaceted adventure that blends dark rock, metal and industrial in a remarkably strong way. Juicy riffs, crunchy synths and huge choruses amalgamate with varied atmospheres which pend between aggressive volcanos („Dead Eyes“, „New Messiah“) and emotional, thoughtful beauty („Scapegoated & Demonized“). The band played...

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