Artisian is a Southampton based 3-piece Death/Black Metal project set up in June '04 by Iain Muir. The Inspiration for the project was drawn from a deep misanthropy, crushing sorrow, severe depression, emotional and physical pain and frustration resulting from dealing with the average person. Utter disgust and hatred for modern society and government; the flawed infrastructure in which it rests, a rejection of the politically-correct hypocrites that turn a blind eye to Nazi-style mob censorship and the wailing ignorance of minority groups that cry discrimination when they don't get what. Thus producing a yearning for self-sufficiency, solitude and the collapse of all organised religions and a return to paganism. We came into this world alone, we will leave alone. We are here to survive, sink or swim. People can have a prejudice purely because another draws breathe This is our response – This is our outlet Moloch– Guitars & Vocals Inquisitor – Bass Verdelet – Drums Discography Date Release title Info Label Oct’05 Lament for the Eternal Frost Limited release 150 Grindethic Jul’06 Lament for the Eternal Frost Full length general release Copro/Casket (Re-release with extra track) Dec’06 Dam & Blast Volume II Compilation Grindethic Jul’07 Nah Beiste Bho’n Talamh Full length general release Grindethic Aug’07 Deamhanaidh Bortadh Sala Demos and previously Eradication Process unreleased material Oct’07 Seargte Le Reothadh F...

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