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It's been a while since the members of AOTY first met each other. Nathael and Camille were kindergarten friends, as were Louis and David. The four of them met in highschool. Music became a bond between them and in 1998, they started to take it seriously. After giving up on a « trip hop » formation, Nathael and Camille started to fiddle around with electronic glitches and textures, not unlike those of Pole and Pan Sonic. David and Louis joined them on certain compositions, bringing their own conception of rythms in the mix. It was because they were tired of the live versions of electronic acts (the music is still extremely interesting but there's not much entertainment aside from that) that the members decided to push the funk attitude a little more by throwing a big party on stage. One of the biggest strenght of the band is to be able to recreate live what we can hear on the album. Live musicians are somewhat easier to relate to and visually more interesting than a single guy on a laptop or deejaying. The shows are then centered around grooves, but the electronic edge is still very present. Le Gala, their first album was somewhat of an experiment; the goal was to push the capacities of the computer and to make it crash as often as possible; a couple of blue screens brought tears of joy on the faces of the band members. The concept is obvious; A character is brought through different phases of a gala, from the pleasant the invitation through the mega hit best crap of the ye...

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