Artlantica is a new Power Metal band from the United States featuring Roger Staffelbach, John West, Mistheria and John Macaluso. United States power metal acts are so few and far between that when a powerful release hits the metal scene, it is bound to get some attention. Enter, Artlantica. The name alone should strike excitement and curiosity into the hearts of power metal fans everywhere. Featuring quite seasoned members, performing with some of heavy metal’s greatest, this band is highly unlikely to disappoint. The band is composed of John West (ex-Lynch Mob, ex-Artension), Roger Staffelbach (Angel of Eden, ex-Artension), Mistheria (Angel of Eden, Rob Rock), and John Macaluso (ex-Jorn, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) amongst many other acts and projects, these guys are a solid line-up and have managed to produce some wonderfully original US Power metal in their debut album Across the Seven Seas. If the curious reader is wondering what makes US power metal different from “other” power metal, it is typically found the USPM is more raw, with less focus on keyboards or orchestration. The reason behind that is up for debate, however it is the more frequently found sound for US bands as opposed to the heavily orchestrated European scene. This can either lead to an absolutely horrible album, or a great example of how heavy power metal can actually be. Across the Seven Seas is exactly that. It is strong, heavy, and raw, but with great touches of keyboards and effects that is likely t...

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