Arto Rinne

Arto Rinne is a singer and musician with a folk and ethnic music background who hails from Petrozavodsk , Russian Karelia. Since his roots are in Finland , he has strong ties to Finnish music. He works in Finland, Russia and the United States, and has traveled thousands of miles doing hundreds of gigs in Finland, the Nordic Countries, Russia, Scotland, the US and Canada. Arto Rinne's career highlights include being a soloist in the group Myllärit from Petrozavodsk , and a member of the Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat group. In addition, he has his own folk quartet, Sattuma, and he works on other projects. Currently he has a solo album under works in cooperation with composer and musician Peter Coon. So far they have released two singles, as well as an album in March 2007. The partnership with Peter Coon started as an idea to develop Finnish language music in Petrozavodsk and all over. Music combines pop, rock and even country all into one. Kipa Häyrinen and Kimmo Repo from Finland did the lyrics. Arto and Pete's quartet performed first in Russia at The Carelian Faces Festival in Petrozavodsk , then touring in Finland at another Faces Festival in Billnäs. The group also played at the 60 th parallel fest in Surgut , Siberia . Arto and Pete recorded their solo album «Kiireen Kääntöpuolella» (At the reverse side of hurry) at Sound Supreme studio with producer Janne Saksa. Their first single «Rakkauteen unohdetut/Minun Marja» was released 4. October 2006. And the second...

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