Artrosis formed in 1995 hail from Zielona Góra, Poland. Over the course of their career and eight studio albums, their sound has evolved from gothic and progressive metal to a more darkwave/industrial-oriented sound. The lyrics of the songs on the first albums were more fantasy-related, but within time, the style of the lyrics changed. Medeah started to write more about life experiences she and the whole band has been through. Discography: 1997 - Ukryty Wymiar (also English version – Hidden Dimension) 1998 - W Imię Nocy (also English version – In Nomine Noctis) 1999 - Pośród Kwiatów i Cieni (also English version – In The Flower's Shade) 2001 - Fetish 2002 - Melange 2006 - Con Trust 2011 – Imago 2015 - Odi Et Amo Current members of the band: Magdalena „Medeah” Stupkiewicz-Dobosz – vocalist Maciej Niedzielski – keyboards Grzegorz Gregor Piotrowski – guitarist Damian Krawczyk – drums Former members of the band: Konrad „Lombardo” Biczak – percussion Mariusz „Mario” Kuszewski – electric guitar Rafał „Grunthel” Grunt – guitarist Marcin Pendowski – bass guitar Krzysztof „Chris” Białas - electric guitar Krystian „MacKozer” Kozerawski – electric guitar Remigiusz „Remo” Mielczarek – bass guitar Łukasz „Migdał” Migdalski – keyboards Paweł „Świcol” Świca – percussion Official band's site: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; add...

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