Born in El Paso, Texas, Artson grew up surrounded by crime, high unemployment, and poverty. In a town where nothing came easy, he found an outlet of self-expression and hope through Hip Hop. He was first introduced to the culture in the early 80s, B-Boying (break dancing) with his peers in the streets and battling (competing) for respect. Thanks to years of tireless dedication to the art form, Artson is now a member of the world Famous Rock Steady Crew. Being a true student of Hip Hop and needing to find new channels to quell an endless pool of creative energy, he started writing poetry and rhymes (raps) at the age of 14. His life has set a path for Artson to shine. Quietly rising into the main stream like a storm coming down to rain on the people, Artson is a gifted and blessed Poet, MC, Lyricist, Wordsmith, B-Boy, Modern Day Warrior. Call him what you want, but there is definite meaning for this man to be behind the mic. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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