Artyom Mihalenko

Artsem Mikhalenka (23 January 1990– ), born in Byelorussian SSR, USSR, very often got little attention or time off with his parents, as well as simple joys of childhood, such as toys, leading to an accordion becoming his first form of entertainment in his childhood. Mikhalenka started learning to play it independently when he was four. It was at that time that he showed his first musical abilities. Mikhalenka, however, never got to music school. His parents were convinced that the main thing was to obtain a good education at a general secondary school. Nevertheless, Mikhalenka's aspiration to music continued, and he entered a college of arts. He considers New Voices of Belarus, a vocal TV contest, to be a significant stage in his creative development. Artem became a finalist of the TV show and was invited to the leading state orchestra of Belarus, working with which he participated in concerts all over the country and got numerous fans. Mikhalenka is a student of the Belarusian State University of Culture. He considers himself to be a risky person. The main excitement of his life is setting and achieving goals. His current goal is to get a higher education, become a professional performer and show a decent performance at Eurovision 2010 as a member of the 3+2 band. He strives for leadership in any team, and 3+2 is not an exception. He prefers active leisure. He is keen on visiting swimming pool, saunas, skiing and boxing. Mikhalenka likes cars and monitors all car premier...

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