Arvid Noe The Divine Invasion chapter 19, paragraph 6... ....[The scene: Mortal man and audio technician Herb Asher is seeking help from his coworker (and prophet) Elijah after realizing God, Yahweh, has failed in freeing the creatures of earth from the evils of the devil, Belial... Elijah says,] Herb, there has been another fall. And I slept. Thank God you woke me...My own time to act has now come. Because of you I have emerged from my own forgetfulness. Our store must become a center of holiness, the temple of the world. We must patch into that FM station whose sound you hear; we must use it as it has in its won time made use of you. It will be our voice. 'What will it say?' [says Herb] 'It will say, sleepers awake. That is our message to the listening world. Wake up! Yahweh is here and the battle has begun, and all your lives are in the balance; all of you now are weighed, this way or that, for better, for worse. No one escapes, even God himself, in all his manifestations. Beyond this there is no more. So rise up from the dust, you creatures, and begin; begin to live. You will live only insofar as you will fight; what you will have, if anything, you must earn, each for himself, and each now, not later. Come! This will be the tune that we will play over and over. And the world will hear, for we shall reach it all, first a little part, then the rest. For this my voice was fashioned at the beginning; for this I have come back to the world again and aga...

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