Arvingarna is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden that started in 1989. They had their break-thrugh when they won the Swedish version of the Eurovision song contest in 1993 with the song Eloise and got to participate in the european final. The members are Lars, Casper and the brothers Kim and Tommy. Casper Dennis Janebrink is born 2 January 1970 in Partille outside Gothenburg. Tommy Konrad Carlsson is born 7 August 1968 in Gothenburg. Kim Göran Carlsson is born 20 mars 1972 in Gothenburg. Lars Elis Lasseman Larsson is born 26 february 1972 in Diseröd outside Kungälv. The Swedish word arvingarna means the heirs and the name comes from the fact that several of the band's members have fathers that also play in bands. Eurovision Song Contest 1993 - Millstreet Entry for Sweden Performer: Arvingarna Song title: Eloïse Song writer(s): Gert Lengstrand Song composer(s): Lasse Holm Sang in Position: 13 Final Position: 7 Total Points: 89 The small city of Millstreet, Ireland, was the host for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. 1993 was the first year to feature a pre-qualifying heat for Eastern European countries. In the run-up to the contest, the European Broadcasting Union started to take into account how many potential countries would apply to enter the contest. The dissolution of the Eastern bloc and the disintegration of Yugoslavia created many new potential applicants. Because of that, seven countries from Eastern Europe had to participate in a preliminary heat c...

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