In the spring of 1998 singer, songwriter, Aryana released her debut Cd, FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Her self produced Cd offers a wide range of musical, vocal, and emotional styles. Aryana's versatility and four octave range voice caught the interest of Greg Berlanti, (creator of the show Everwood and the film Broken Hearts Club ) who took Aryana's Cd to Paul Stupin, producer of the hit TV series Dawson's Creek. Stupin aired two songs from FOOD FOR THOUGHT. track 5 DEAR MARY and track 9 Good Intentions, in the fall of 1998. While Aryana was playing a show in L.A., actress Devon Odessa from My So Called Life, was so moved after seeing Aryana sing, she gave Aryana's Cd to the producer of the movie she was currently working on. A remixed version of track 7 Hear Where Your Heart Is, was chosen for the movies's second end title. The film later aired as a made for TV movie called Graduation Week on the lifetime channel for women. In the spring of 1999 Aryana was asked by Kevin Williamson, creator of the box office hit Scream, to record a song written by Peter Stuart for the pilot of his new TV show Wasteland. When the pilot was given the green light, Aryana's song Glowing of the Moon, aired on the third on the third episode on ABC. The song was aired as feature music, and was preformed by two different actors in Wasteland, and played three times though out the show. Track 2, Lieing In Bed, was chosen for a love scene between Skeet Ulrich, from As Good As It Gets and Amanda Peet, from Som...

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