Aryx first got interested in music in late 2007, immediatly after he first heard about electronic music genre, called freeform, which he's producing since. His biggest influence were artists from FINRG crew, Alek Szahala, Dj Rx, Dj Proteus, Pain on Creation, Nomic, etc. His music is melodic, mixed with some rough and ferocious elements, adding such energy to his tracks. He's also trying himself in other genres like trance (mainly 90's and 00's trance), ambient and rave/dance. In the early 2010 he got his first CD release with a track called 'Chaldea' by the English label called ReBuild Music, along with big names like Alek Szahala, Gammer, Lost Soul and Ephexis, which was a turning point in his music production. 'Chaldea' also appeared on Hardcore Underghound 2010 album which is Aryx's greatest achievement so far. His second track 'Aurora' made it on another CD released by ReBuild Music and Nu Energy Records. 'Aurora' has taken 3rd place for the best freeform track of 2010 in Japan by TYFTH. His music was already heard on radios like Krafty radio, TYFTH and on numerous podcasts like NEC podcast by Lost Soul and Kevin Energy, NG podcast no.12 by Brisk and Fracus, Nukleuz and more. Aryx's passion is also film and game music which he recently started discovering. For the time being it is just variegation of his production, but he's planning to take it more seriously in the future. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Licen...

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