Arzt Pfusch

A noise / industrial / ebm / dark electro artist. Once upon a time at a typical danish all night drinking session (in the year of 1998). The seven year old Der Doktor and his seven and a half years old buddy Dr. A-Funz sat down and recorded some trax using the dildo of one's mother and the guitar of the other's father. Heavily drunk by gin and toxic, they decided that these trax should become some kind of sexy country western Hawaii music but accidently it turned out to be like a mixture of medicine, hell, pubescent belches, dick cheese and Cthulhu's sweat. Uuuuhhhh scary Dary. During the following 14 days (school holidays) they rocked 5 trax which resulted in a demo cd entitled Songs Our Grandparents Taught Us – That particular title was chosen because it sounded stupid and erm, well, the old farts paid for the beers and wanted some credit. They believed their grandchilden had a beatles cover band and wanted to get rich!. One thing led to another and after selling their own asses to some drug addicted pedophiliacs the debut album WARUM? was financed and released on Eraser/Novatekk. Again a cheap title was chosen because they were too dumb and naive they couldn't figure out a clever one. However after some time they suddenly realized that Warum? (german for why?) was actually a very good title. 'cos it makes you ask why? Why that title? Is there a point? Why do i listen to this shit? Why do people look at my ass like this? Why, oh why? The self-evidently titled LOVE album...

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