As Bridges Burn

I know there is 2 bands sharing the same page because they share the same name. This Bio is for the As Bridges Burn out of Venice Florida with the Album (Sever The Ties) Formed in the summer of 2009, As Bridges Burn has been leaving people in awe by their musical prowess by delivering captivating vocal harmonies and writing with depth and diversity that captures the audience’s attention and imagination. The band members that create As Bridges Burn are Bobby Comeau -vocals, Matt Borror -Drums, James Arnold -guitar, Judd Broome -guitar, and Rob Hirtzel -bass. They are a tight knit group that feeds off each others' energy on the stage and in the studio which make their performances a powerful, precise and awe-inspiring event to watch. There is no need to go into every explicit detail about all their past bands. The thing that is important is that they are all highly experienced musicians who have had the opportunity to share the stage with national acts such as the Misfits, As I Lay Dying, Flyleaf, Underoath, Demon Hunter, Skindred, Eminent, Pro-Pain, Bobaflex, Hell Within, Dangerous New Machine, Flaw, Hydrovibe, Ekotren, and Rickets. As Bridges Burn has begun making a name for themselves throughout the radio air waves and internet radio as well. ABB’s ‘Another Lost Soul’ can be heard on Clear Channel Radio’s 105.9 the Buzz every Sunday night at 9pm on their Discover & Uncover program, and second single release ‘Another Dose’ is soon to hit the Buzz air waves. ...

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