As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn was a pop punk (earlier material), post-hardcore (midway) and progressive rock (later) band from Mandeville, LA that formed in 2002. As an unsigned act, the group accomplished impressive success touring and selling thousands of copies of their two EPs. Their success drew the attention of Solid State Records, who signed them in 2004. ACB released its first full length album, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest, on June 21 of 2005, and was featured in Solid State's Young Bloods Tour with The Chariot, Showbread, and He Is Legend. Earlier in the year, the band released a statement saying that vocalist TJ was getting married and leaving the band, so they decided to call it quits. However, partially through their 'farewell tour', they decided to stay together, but eventually T.J. decided to depart from the band and go his own way. The band's second album, titled Come Now Sleep was released August 14, 2007, on Tooth and Nail Records. Different from their previous recordings, however, the genre featured on Come Now Sleep has been classified by the band themselves as Rock / Indie / Progressive. As Cities Burn's third studio album was released on April 21, 2009, with the title Hell or High Water. The band's music evolved even more with their final album, venturing into indie rock territory but while still maintaining their unique post-hardcore sound. On the bands myspace on July 17, 2009, the band announced that they had broken up and were going to pursue other intere...

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