As Empires Decay

Create a unique sound by mixing elements of every genre that influences each member. This combined with their undeniable individual talents, created a style that is bold, intense, technical & defiantly unique. Hailing from Lansing, MI look for As Empire Decay to deliver their brand of metal to your town next!!! Members: Rick Titus - Lead Vocals, Toby Wright - Guitar/Vocals, Theron Jones - Drums/Vocals, Jason Diffenbaugh - Guitar, Dustin Santana - Bass History As Empires Decay is a metal band from the state of Michigan. This band was formed in 2009 by bass player Dustin Santana, a known bass player in his home town of Lansing, MI. He asked drummer and friend Theron Jones to start a new project with him. Having grown up and shared the stage with each other countless times over the years. Shortly after, Dustin found guitarist Jason Diffenbaugh's home videos on Impressed by Jason's skills they had him try out. Needless to say, he was quickly asked to join. A few months after many different tryouts for an additional guitarist they got a reply on from guitarist Toby Wright. As the band was looking for members over the age of 18 they had previously passed over Toby's classified ad. However, Toby contacted the band and requested to try out. The new band decided to give him a shot. In the middle of the first tryout they offered Toby the open guitar position. This band was almost complete, except for a vocalist. After searching through countless vocal...

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