As If in the darkness

As If in the darkness is a band from Tokyo, Japan formed in August 2009, just one month after the disbanding of vocalist mar and guitarist 有希 former band It. In October 2009 bassist ゆきあ left the band and 燕 (ex-It) acted as their support bassist. He was replaced in 2010 with support bassist 涼 (ex-ベビー) who joined the band after their live at Meguro LIVE STATION on 2010.03.24. On that live the band anounced that they're going to release their first Mini-Album in August 2010. After the live on 06 August on which the Mini-Album could be bought before official release, Guitar 有希 left the band. A tour called 「Order by Despair」 followed from August to October. In the end of 2010 (October - December) the band toured with トーマス and released a coupling cd with the bands covering one song from the other (As If in the darkness covered ブランコ and トーマス did a cover of Liberation). The year 2011 started with a M/Re:dis/As If in the darkness coupling tour called 『Emotional Roar』 and ended for the band in March with their last live (2011.03.05). Screams: mar (ex- It) Guitar: 奉 Bass: 涼 Drums: Zumi Ex-Bass: ゆきあ (left 2009.10.23) Ex-Guitar: 有希 (ex- It; left 2010.08.06) Discography: 2009.09.13 Screams in the darkness 2010.03.24 The distance to death 2010.09.01 アローン 2010.12.XX As If in the darkness vs トーマス「激情の黙示録」tour CD Read more on User-contributed text is available under ...

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