As It Burns

As It Burns from the city of Groningen in the Netherlands started out in the summer of 1997 and initially experienced many line-up changes. During the second year the line-up remained unaltered and at the end of this period the second Cdemo ‘Obsolete Prophecies’ (which also contains two songs of the first Cdemo “Soured”) was recorded. After the summer of 1999 the band’s drummer decided to leave the band. In the period from May until July 2000 the band recorded “As It Burns’ Inferno.” The band’s progress in general and the unconventional keyboard parts made this cd a great step forward. Mid-2001 the original drummer has rejoined the band to play bass. Since then there have been no more line-up changes. The following recording sessions resulted in “Mortal Dusk” and a record deal with Cold Blood Industries. Unfortunately, CBI was discontinued, so As it Burns are currently looking for a new record label to release “Global Ruin”, which was finished early 2006. Stay tuned! According to the band, As It Burns’ music can be described as an atmospheric mix of black, death and thrash metal. By means of this diversity of styles and their unconventional use of keyboards, the band establish their atmospheric yet energetic and rocking sound. After ten years singer Arend decided to leave As it Burns early 2008. Nothing of his replacement is known yet. Present Line-up: Rocco Rundervoort: Guitar Joost Brouwer: Guitar Jeroen Smit: Bass Gert Plas: Keyboard Ja...

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