As Light Turns Dark

Founded as a christian youth generation band in March 2005 As Light Turns Dark without a name first started to play songs written down in youth songbooks and embellished shorter events like evenings for the youth. After they named themself Tarifsturz in summer 2005 they started writing their own songs. Thereupon in 2006 a number of events followed to different occasions, like e.g. ProChrist, Muehlenrock, JesusRock, youth evenings, Comebackfete and one concert in the Harz Mountains. After receiving a proposal in autumn 2006 by Lightbound, more events for 2007 and the recording of a sampler were planned. In February 2007 As Light Turns Dark started recording 4 of their Songs in a recording studio. The sampler prospectively will arrive in August. Conditioned by a filling change the members decided to change the name and are called As Light Turns Dark now since June 2007. After two concerts played together with Waiting for Steve ALTD applied for the 15th band contest u21 Young Lion at Alter Gasometer Zwickau and qualified themselves. After not reaching the finals they went back to their rehearsal room to prepare themselves for the release-party of the sampler Lightbound ONE, which is released since December 7th 2007 and contains 4 songs of the band. After trying different genres they determined to play Punk/Rock/Hardcore now. Beneath rock-lite guitar riffs, wreaking Double-Base-Rythms, grooviy Bass lines and high Vocals they offer melodic guitar riffs, punk rythms and for several...

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