As Memory Dies

AS MEMORY DIES, born in September 2005 with the strong purpose to revisit Melodic Death Metal through a personal approach, conceived their debut album “TRANSMUTATE” as a musical portrait that speaks the tongue of transformation and change due to a style that constantly balances on the edge between harmony and aggression, instinct and refinement. Blessed with a stunning artwork by Niklas Sundin, the artistic talent behind Cabin Fever Media and Dark Tranquillity, As Memory Dies’ first release finds in ambivalence the source of its own strength, gracefully shifting from intense and blasting up-tempos to acoustic and nursing suggestions, passing through groovy episodes and shades of epic tones. Opening with the unstructured fury of “Eyeway To Identity” and the evocative echoes of “Fifth Day, Leviathan”, crossing the solid impact of “A Season Of Failures” and the melancholic serenity of “Distress In A Velvet Room”, closing with the delirious downward spiralling in three acts of the suite “The Tragical History Of Doctor Faustus” (whose lyrics are taken from the homonymous 1604 play by the English dramatist Christopher Marlowe), “Transmutate” is going to lead you through a musical voyage where Melodic Death Metal will be declined in all its forms. After an outstanding performance at MetalCamp 2010 festival, As Memory Dies are currently writing new songs for their second album, which is set to be finished during 2011 and is anticipated by the brand ne...

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