As The Sun Sets

There are 2 bands sharing this name 1) metalcore/grindcore Band from Providence, RI 2) post-rock/post-hardcore band from Berwick, Victoria. Based in Providence, RI, As The Sun Sets played a blistering amalgam of grind/metal influenced hardcore. The band released a full length recording (now long out of print) on Moment of Clarity Records, which was advertised for and distributed by Trash Art. This recording was later reissued in a stripped-down version by the City of Hell label. In 2002 the band came back to the public eye as a more volatile beast. The metallic mosh-heavy sound of their earlier material was replaced as the group introduced a noisier, more frenetic approach to songwriting on the 7744 album, released by Undecided records. The band's final release was an EP which brought the band back to Trash Art. Steve Austin from noted noise/metal act Today Is The Day mastered a second mix of the material, which was released as 8949. The EP was very short, clocking in at under five minutes in length, and showcased what would be the last material the band had written. It included an instrumental track (with screaming low in the mix to maintain atmosphere) and was considered a disappointment by some fans who did not like the new sound, or felt it was too short. Contrary to popular belief, the band was broken up long before 8949 was released, and had stopped functioning by the time these final recordings were finished. At the same time, drummer Jon Syverson, who had been livin...

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