As Winter Falls

As Winter Falls was a diy screamo band from Denmark. They died out and are now playing in other bands. As Winter Falls is also a Solvenian female fronted metal band. Official AWF page Biography In 2008 As Winter Falls was nothing but a small project. A project that brought old,dusty songs from the attic back to life in new modern suit. At that time, As Winter Falls consisted of two music addicts who wanted their ideas,lyrics, and music to be heard. Two songs were born and published online: Groovy Epitaph, and a ballad called The Last Hope. Shortly after, Jasmina and Samo joined a symphonic rock/metal band and performed there for 2 years. Meanwhile, Samo made a lot of songs which were on hold and waiting for the right team to make them alive. Samo and Jasmina left their present band in November 2010 and they knew without any doubts that As Winter Falls was ready to take another step forward, this time with full-band line up. So the search for other band members began and the band was fully formed at the end of 2010 as a sextet – beside vocalist Jasmina and Samo on drums, As Winter Falls band was represented by Rok Kovačević on rhythm guitar, Žan Kovačević on bass guitar, Aleks Scolaro on lead guitar and DJ Max Sebastien on keys and samples. Sadly, a couple of months later, DJ Max Sebastien and Aleks left the band, which certainly left some “scars“ because all of the songs that were made had to be re-arranged. The band continued with hard...

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