Asael Gonzalez, Jr. (born June 20th, 1982 in Las Vegas, NV), better known by his stage name Asael, is an American rapper & co-CEO of Limited Edition Records. Asael, a.k.a. James Dean the Rebel, is best known for releasing Rebel of This Era and Black Friday mixtapes before the year 2009 ended. Mad World coming soon. Early History Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Asael grew up with both his parents in his life. It wasn't until he was twelve that his mother and father separated. At the age of fifteen his mother passed away and Asael and his two siblings were taken in by their grandparents from his mother's side. Like many youth who suffer a tragic loss in their lives, Asael took on major responsibilities at a young age. While growing up, he was recognized for his skill, creativity, and talent both in writing and drawing. His writing ability grew stronger and more detailed that people would recognize it as inspirational. Eventually his poetry converted into music and at the age of twenty-three he released his first full-length album Junito's Purpose to the public. Asael is the older brother of Johnny RockIt Gonzalez. Johnny Gonzalez a.k.a. Marlon Brando is also co-CEO of Limited Edition records, as well as an American rapper and producer. Current Material Rebel of This Era The first mixtape by Asael is called 'Rebel of This Era. It includes familiar songs, such as, LV to NY, Paper Planes (Remix), Ride for Me Like, Mr.Gonzalez ft. Johnny RockIt, Best I Ever Had (Remix) w/...

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