Asamblea Internacional del Fuego

Asamblea Internacional del Fuego is formed in the month of August of the year 2001. In that time conform the band: Emilio Favar in Voice, Pedro Fernández in guitar (present guitarist of entrefuego, former guitarist of Asunto and Distancia ), Fernando Peñailillo in guitar (former guitarist of distance), Eduardo Román in bass and in drums Rodolfo González (former distancia, former praxis). With this intial formation, the band composes some of the first songs with which himself defining subsequently, the musical purpose of the group. To the little time, Pedro decides to leave the band and is as well as is decided to continue with so alone four members. It is in this period when finally, the creative impulses involve to the composition of the first themes and that they will give a first musical character to the band that remained reflected in the edition of their first disk ep in the middle of the year 2002 titled “La Marcha de la Desesperanza” with six themes, and published of independent form. For some, the themes recall to Closure, Portrait of past, Helen of Troy, I robot. In this disk, the composition of the themes reaches an intense sound but at the same time with a great deal of melody. Songs that evoke dark passages, with insightful writing and screaching vocals.Lyrics that cover a wide array of topics from a political, personal and social standpoint. For that time, the group was composed again of five members, with James Hayes like new guitarist. With the edition ...

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