Asaradel was a early Brazilian Black/Doom Metal formed in winter 1991. In the early stage of Asaradel, the music was slow, primitive and depressive. It reminded of Samael, Necro Schizma, Alastis, Mordor(Switzerland) and Hellhammer. Asaradel can be considered a band pioneering both Funeral Doom Metal and Depressive Black Metal however the music got little attention and Asaradel fell into obscurity. The band featured members of former Brazil Black/Death Metal legend Invoker. In 1994 Asaradel evolved into a Gothic Metal band and eventually disbanded in the late 90's. Discography: 1991 - ...Of Satanas 1992 - Avernus 1993 - Perpetuating the Law 1994 - A Dance Of Pure Triumph 1995 - Live in Rio 1998 - Paradise Dry Branch (Full-length) In 2008 Mountain Prod released 'The Bizarre Creation' a compilation cdr of early demo songs including a Necro Shizma cover. In 2011 Hammer of Damnation released the compilation '...of Satanas/Avernus/Perpetuating the Law'. This time the material was digitally remastered and printed on professional cd. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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