At least 4 artists share this name: 1) Ascendant, a soul group from Chicago, Illinois. Although there may be some artists with the name Ascendant, the soul band, ASCENDANT from Chicago, Illinois, was the first and is the only artist with the registered trademark in the US (2000). All the others are infringing on their trademark rights. 2) Ascendant, the ambient group from Los Angeles, California, consists of electronic music producers Chris Bryant (S1gns of L1fe) and Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Don Tyler (Phase47). Find them on here: Sonic soundscapes, drifting melodies, complex sequences and skittering beats define their sound as they offer listeners a taste of their own creativity and vision combined. Hailing from the Bay Area in California, S1gns Of L1fe specializes in deep texture, drones, and pulsing ambient rhythms. From down the coast, Phase47 rises from the wreckage of Los Angeles and brings forth a sound stemming from his minimal ambient and Berlin-school roots. 3) Ascendant is a Northamptonshire based 5 peice progressive melodic-death metal band. Formed in November 2004 by Johnny, who wished to persue his own musical-direction following leaving a previous band. Over the coming months he wrote and recorded the first two Ascendant songs while looking for the remaining members to complete the band. By February 2005, the line-up was complete with Chris on guitar, Ande on drums and Lee on bass. The foll...

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