There are at least 11 bands called Asgard. The name comes from the Nordic myth of Asgard, the fortress of the Gods. 1 - A German RAC band. Project of Kai Freikorps. 2 - A German traditional heavy metal. The released their only full length album Dark Horizons, in 1988. Tomi Göttlich was the bass player of band. The split-up just after the release of the album. Tomi left Asgard to join legendary heavy metal bend Grave Digger. In April, 2008 their album Dark Horizons was re-released with seven bonus tracks. 3 - French Progressive Folk-Rock band that played in the end of seventies and have recorded two albums (1976 - L'Hirondelle; 1978 - Tradition & Renouveau). The mebers are: Patic Grandepierre — guitar, vocal, William Lawday — bass, violin, Bernard, Darsh — percussion, vocal, flute, Guy Printemps – keyboards. 4 - A French death metal band. They released their only full length, To A Golden Age, in 1996. 5 - A black metal band from Canada with Steve McDonald on drums (ex-Gorguts) who hanged himself in October 2002. He had been suffering from depression for many years. 6 - A neo-progressive rock/metal band hailing from Italy (1987-1995) and Germany (1995-present) with vocals in English. The music is a melodic mixture of power metal, classic, medieval music, folk and rock, with different structures, electric instruments as well as acoustic, short songs as well as ten-minute long tracks. All the members of Asgard have studied classical music and jazz. They've relea...

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