Ashaena Ashaena plays pagan/heathen metal influenced by Romanian folklore, with black metal elements. They describe their style as Moldavian Pagan Metal. The band started as a solo project of Cosmin Hultanu in 2006. Firstly he recruited his brother Alex (drums), then Adi Gherghe (lead guitar), Tudor Napasta (bass) and Vlad Vuiet (screaming/growling and backing vocals). After the first rehearsals with the full line-up, Adi was replaced with Vlad Datcu due to style incompatibility. After that Maximilian Lupu would become the keyboardist of the band, but right before the first concert, he left Ashaena not being able to rehears with the band. Andrei Ignat (violin) came to replace Max for the concert, but he also left the band soon after that. Current line-up: Cosmin Hultanu - rhythm guitar, clean vocals, pipes and flutes Moş Alex Strechia - drums and percussion Vlad Vuiet - screaming/growling, pipes Vlad Datcu - lead guitar, backing vocals, flutes Tudor Năpasta - bass At this time Ashaena is looking for a keyboardist or a man with skills in playing traditional instruments. Ashaena has nothing to do with any NSBM organization or ideology. Ashaena is just paying a tribute to their ancestors and their traditions and culture. We are combining our musical paths with folk elements taken from our rich tradition. Regarding the Polish label EastSide we've signed with, this is only a deal for producing our first album and we are getting along very well because they are promo...

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